May Nothing Evil Cross This Door: Part 1

Sometime in high school, I decided to take a philosophy class.  It had random little dips into various philosophies, and then a turn toward religion.  It was a great space to ask big questions during a time in life when often bigger questions are answered by who your friends are, what clothes you wear, or what you’ve decided to rebel against that particular week.

It was my favorite class in high school, and the teacher was wonderful.  Upon diving into religion and having a broad sweep of it, we were assigned a project many of you are familiar with – you’ve either done it yourself, known people that have, or witnessed it being done here when random groups visit us on Sunday morning.

We were tasked with exploring a religious tradition in depth and sharing it with the class.  The teacher gave us a week to select one and to let him know – we just couldn’t choose our own.  The next week we gave him our selections and proceeded with the class.  I think I chose the Hutterites. Let’s ignore the fact that there were no Hutterite communities in Illinois. Read the rest of this entry »