ChenowithI am a Unitarian Universalist minister serving our congregation in Lexington, Kentucky.  I am a lifelong Chicagoan with roots in the South Side and western Kentucky.  I graduated from a seminary that did a pretty good job in preparing me for ministry but I served two excellent congregations as an intern that truly prepared me:  Unity Temple in Oak Park, IL and First Parish in Concord, MA.  I come out of an eclectic religious tradition:  Catholic, Anglican, and Unitarian.  I find meaning in all of them and they have an important place in my ministry and life.

Outside of ministry, I enjoy discovering small town America:  local diners, long stretches of open road, and Americana.  I love computer games, comic books, pop culture, science fiction & fantasy, television dramas, and relaxing at home with my partner.  I also have a penchant for minimalism.  I’ve recently gotten back into running and am slowly working my way toward a 5k.  My favorite thing in the world is religion, especially American religious traditions.  I’m a Religious Naturalist, an Anglican Christian, and a Unitarian Universalist — somehow they all come together and work harmoniously.


This will be a repository of sermons, homilies, blog posts, and other thoughts.  Please reach out to me should you want to use any of these words.  Permission is freely given, though I appreciate knowing the who and where of its use.  Should you find a reference/source in any of my writings that is either not specifically notated or mentioned, I will happily correct that in the spirit of academic responsibility.  Most of these writings are simply sermon texts that are uploaded for congregational use only.


I often get asked if I will officiate a wedding, preside at a funeral or memorial, or offer dedication, naming, and baptism services.  While most of my schedule is dedicated to the members of the church I serve and their needs, I occasionally have openings for such requests.  My fees are in accordance with the suggestions set forth by the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association.  It never hurts to email and find out if I am available!


Be in touch!  Send me an email or subscribe below.  If you wish to schedule a meeting, click here.