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Second Annual Question Box Sunday

For our second annual Question Box Sunday, we had a plethora of amazing questions.  Most of them were DIFFERENT than last year!  There were some strong themes amongst the questions this year, so, I’m going to do something a little different with the answers.  One or two of the “blocs” of the questions will become a sermon or series of sermons sometime this church year.  I will be sure to note that the inspiration for the sermon(s) was a Question Box Sunday question.  There are also a few questions I’m going to answer outright as they feel timely.  The rest of these questions will be answered sometime throughout this church year – I will endeavor to answer blocs of them and, as I did this year, send a compiled list of answers to you all before next year’s Question Box Sunday. Read the rest of this entry »

Question Box Sunday

Below are the questions submitted during our first ever Question Box Sunday.  I’ve divided them into some basic categories — including the ones we answered during the service.  Over the next few months I will answer 2-3 of these every week and make them available here on this website for you all to read.  Questions are powerful things that can create space for the unexpected to emerge.  In that spirit, you have my gratitude. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome & Call to Worship at the Ordination of Rev. Diana Hultgren

Good evening and welcome! I am Rev. Brian Chenowith, the minister here at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington. It is my distinct honor and privilege to welcome all of you as the settled minister of this congregation to this occasion.

To my colleagues, welcome. To this congregation, welcome. To visitors, friends, and family, welcome. To the spirit of all that holds us, welcome. This is a momentous day. It is momentous for so many reasons — they cannot all be enumerated.

But chief amongst these reasons are the gathering of this community to engage in holy work, and also the mystery and wonder of affirming one persons call to the limitless and the uttermost — and ordaining her to the sacred office of Minister.

Today, in this moment, in this good and right space, we ordain and affirm our community minister, Diana Hultgren, to the Unitarian Universalist Ministry. Read the rest of this entry »