Sermons & Other Thoughts from Rev. Brian Chenowith

Month: August, 2017

Second Annual Question Box Sunday

For our second annual Question Box Sunday, we had a plethora of amazing questions.  Most of them were DIFFERENT than last year!  There were some strong themes amongst the questions this year, so, I’m going to do something a little different with the answers.  One or two of the “blocs” of the questions will become a sermon or series of sermons sometime this church year.  I will be sure to note that the inspiration for the sermon(s) was a Question Box Sunday question.  There are also a few questions I’m going to answer outright as they feel timely.  The rest of these questions will be answered sometime throughout this church year – I will endeavor to answer blocs of them and, as I did this year, send a compiled list of answers to you all before next year’s Question Box Sunday. Read the rest of this entry »

Growing in Community

Our reading for this morning came from the book Serving with Grace by the Rev. Erik Wikstrom.

There was a moment during seminary when I almost fled from the ministry.  I’ll add, this was but one moment out of several where I wanted to pack it up and call it a day – to say that ministry was not for me and that I had made a mistake, the Universe was wrong, and that I’d be better suited remaining in the world of quiet librarianship, surrounded by books, the awkward public and their peculiar reference questions, and the daily pulse of nine to five.

I’m sure everyone, while training for their particular field, have had moments of wanting to flee.  Ministry is full of them.  But this one was specific to me, I imagine. Read the rest of this entry »

Question Box Questions Answered!

Back in August 2016 we held a Question Box Sunday here at the UU Church of Lexington.  Originally, I was going to answer 2-3 a week, but it feels more appropriate to answer them all at once.  I organized all of the questions into nine sections based on content/theme.  Some of these are rather easy and brief, but others will require additional thought.  As always, the bulk of these answers come from my own experience and opinions.  You are encouraged to explore your own beliefs with many of them.

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